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My Story and how it started.

In June of 2018 I was out sailing my 26' O'day when I got caught in a storm. Everything was under control until my tiller snapped off at the rudder straps. Because I was alone I didnt have any additional help to recover the boat. After  I got knocked down the boat righted itself. Once I decided how to regain control of the rudder I was able to lash the broken tiller back onto the rudder. It was a crude was to secure the tiller but it got me back home.

After that incident I spent quite a bit of time looking for a metal tiller replacement with no luck. So, I decide to fabricate a tiller for my own use. I was never going to go through another storm event with a wooden tiller. After I made the first prototype I called my good friend and sailboat racer Lisa Martin to see if she had any interest in pursuing a tiller company with me. After coming to my house and looking at several designs and construction processes she said yes. So here we are with our own brand. We both feel very strongly that wooden tillers will eventually weaken and break and in the right circumstances could cause serious  personal injuries. As a result of  our combined sailing experience we decided to eliminate  wood from our designs and utilize technology to move away from using trees as tillers. We build stronger, safer, greener, sustainable tiller. 


Environmentally Friendly!

No trees were harmed during any of our construction processes.

Lifetime Guarantee

We will never rot or break leaving you stranded.

We can accommodate any auto Pilot device.

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Our Patented Tiller Will Be The Last Tiller That You Will Ever Have to Buy.

We believe we can be a more sustainable sailboat tiller company.

We believe that safety should be paramount.

We believe we can do it better and more eco- friendly protecting our ecosystem.

We believe your tiller should never rot or break leaving you stranded.

We believe that your finish should last a lifetime.

All  of  our  tillers are made of recycled materials. We believe our environment and our ecosystem are fragile, therefore we have taken a green path. No trees were destroyed while making our products.


We are currently in the process of designing and fabricating many different shapes and sizes. Also, We can offer hundreds of finishing options. If you can dream it or  simply sketch it out..... we can make it a reality.

Customer Designed Handles

Our patented-pending construction process is not limited like our wood counterparts. The customer has the ability to have any shape, size, color and of course its completely adjustable for different  boats.    If you have a 22' boat and move to a 30' ,  our design allows us to simply modify the spacing to accommodate any size  or configuration of sailboat. 

We Guarantee our tiller for life.

If your tiller ever breaks, bends or fails from  intended  use, we will replace it for free as long as you are the original owner.   We do ask  that  the damaged  handle be returned  to us,  no questions asked. While the handle is guaranteed for life,   some of the gripping surface utilize leather, marine grade materials, or paracord;  these materials will eventually need care and maintenance. If you choose a genuine leather gripping surface be sure to keep it soft and supple by using one of the following products:  shoe oil, mink oil , boot wax or leather balsam. 

Greener, Safer, Sustainiable, Made from recycled materials. No trees needed.

We have only one planet and at Atomic Tiller we believe in trying to protect our environment at every stage of construction by using as many recycled materials as we can find.



Pricing and what we need from the customer.

How Pricing works.

Pricing is based on three different sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

Small Dimensions are 44"x 2"x(whatever your desired width is.)

Medium Dimensions are 55"x 2"x (Whatever your desired width is.)

Large Dimensions are 60"x 2" or 3" x  (Whatever your desired width is.)

Small= 18'-22' Sailboat

Medium= 22' - 30' Sailboat

Large= 27' and up (Typically with thru hull rudder but not necessary)

We can make any size, shape, or length you want with no additional fees for fabricating your design. 

Just email us a sketch with the above "What we need from the Customer" attached. From mild to wild we can fabricate and coat it.

Wrapping is available in all primary colors. You choose the color and length from the tip back and we can wrap the handle for you.


Small handle with no Skeletonizing, any color   = $340.00

Medium Handle with no Skeletonizing, any color =$435.00

Large Handle with no Skeletonizing,  any color= $550.00

Pricing for your own design will be the price based on size, available in any color.

Skeletonizing reduces weight and looks COOL, however it is labor intensive, hence the added cost. If you choose to have your handle skeletonized, add $100.00

If you have a tiller pilot device we can add a recycled  HDPE block for you to attach your auto pilot to. = $25.00


Remember we will make whatever design you come up with  no  additional fees applied.  We are not bound by the same restrictions as our wooden counterparts. 

Our handle will never rot, delaminate, or break. Literally the last handle you will ever need to buy!

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Large Tiller


Large handle overview.





We want to thank all the people and businesses that came to see us at the Annapolis Maryland Spring Sailboat Show. We were very excited to hear all the comments about our tillers. It was a great success. At this time we are planning to be at the World sailboat show in October! Thank you again for all the support and interest.

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