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How Pricing Works : See Shipping Times Below. Important when ordering if you need add anything not shown in the ordering menue Please email us along with your order so we can make sure we have you covered. Thanks!


Pricing is based on three different sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

Small Dimensions are 44"x 2"x(whatever your desired width is.)

Medium Dimensions are 55"x 2"x (Whatever your desired width is.)

Large Dimensions are 60"x 2" or 3" x  (Whatever your desired width is.)

Small= 18'-22' Sailboat

Medium= 22' - 30' Sailboat

Large= 27' and up (Typically with thru hull rudder but not necessary)

We can make any size, shape, or length you want with no additional fees for fabricating your design. 

Just email us a sketch with the above "What we need from the Customer" attached. From mild to wild we can fabricate and coat it.

Wrapping is available in all primary colors. You choose the color and length from the tip back and we can wrap the handle for you.


Small handle with no Skeletonizing, any color   = $340.00

Medium Handle with no Skeletonizing, any color =$435.00

Large Handle with no Skeletonizing,  any color= $550.00

Pricing for your own design will be the price based on size, available in any color.

Skeletonizing reduces weight and looks COOL, however it is labor intensive, hence the added cost. If you choose to have your handle skeletonized, add $100.00

If you have a tiller pilot device we can add a recycled  HDPE block for you to attach your auto pilot to. = $35.00


NOTE: Because these are made to order it takes two weeks to ship from order date. Thanks!

Remember we will make whatever design you come up with  no  additional fees applied.  We are not bound by the same restrictions as our wooden counterparts. 

Our handle will never rot, delaminate, or break.Literally the last handle you will ever need to buy!